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All About Phoebe Alexandra

I've always been a creative person, and always knew I would go into an artistic field.  Growing up in a rural area with forests to explore and animals to explore it with, I developed a grand appreciation for both.

Most of my work focuses on the many animals in my life, both past and present.  These are house pets, farm pets, and those just passing through.  I love the excuse to look, touch, and get to know each of these subjects in order to render them as accurately as I can.   I do this with clients who ask me to paint or draw their beloved pets as well.

I graduated from Green Mountain College with a BA and a BFA.  I strive to pass on my passion and love for creative pursuits through teaching.   With a K-12 certification to teach both art and theater, I also strive to pass on my knowledge through classes and private lessons.

Email me for more information about commissions, prints, or lessons.

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